Korean music and K-pop culture have reached worldwide audiences and many idol groups are now established as a part of the K-pop world. One of the first Western icons to become a member of one of these groups is BTS members, who became well known for their high energy dances, fanatical fans and the relentless charisma of their leader, Jin. These idol bts have really taken over the world and gained popularity all over the world. This also means that their members have been given more opportunity to tour outside of Korea and have gone from strength to strength. With their new album “WINGS” and upcoming tours in Japan and US, we can expect them to be major players in the international music scene and hold the position of one of the most popular idol groups in the world.

K-Pop and BTS Is Popular

K-pop and BTS are two groups that can hold a special place in many people’s hearts. One group is based in South Korea and the other is based in South Korea, but they have been touring as their own acts. Both groups are so popular that the foreign fan base for both groups can be quite large. There are people all over the world that go to see these idol bts perform and watch their videos.bts | btsbt21store.com

It is not hard to see why BTS and K-pop are such a big attraction around the world. There are so many different countries represented by these two groups, that it is hard to get enough of them. And, you know what? The more BTS members there are, the better off the world will be when all their members are in different parts of the world. I am pretty sure that in five years all of them will be back and doing their own thing in their own country or the next country they play in. At least this way, everyone will have some kind of different interaction with them.

These two groups are such massive attractions in all corners of the world that it is no wonder there are so many fans everywhere. Every one of those fans has their own reasons for being a fan of them, but the bottom line is they are fans just like everyone else. And it is all so amazing that people are able to go to these concerts and support these two groups and it makes me feel very honored to be one of them.

K-Pop BTS Jungkook and BTS Jimin – “Jimin” Movie Review

If you’ve watched the latest Korean drama “Jimin” (JIMIN-san in English) then you have probably seen the K-pop idols, such as BTS V, Jungkook and Jimin. They are the lead characters in this drama which revolves around the business of gambling and sometimes crimes. What I’ve noticed is that the movie starts with the business of gambling and criminals so I’ve assumed that will be the theme in this movie. There’s a big break to be made in the business of gambling, so the whole team wants to succeed. What I like about this movie is that I really don’t see it as just another gangster film.bts | btsbt21store.com

After the story line we jump ahead to BTS Jungkook and Jimin. What I found interesting about this movie is that BTS was actually chosen to do the movie because of their music. Actually, they were picked because of their short song, “Not Today”, which has a really unique approach to storytelling. This particular song has a real gangster feel, with very dark themes, so it was nice to see an action movie that let the viewer in on the story. The point of view changed from time to time and it was fun to see the different approaches to the story telling.

Overall I liked this film and if you’ve seen it and liked it, then you’ll enjoy the other films in the K-pop franchise. Although I did not enjoy the first one, I thought it was a cool idea to start with a movie that was really based on gangsters. There’s definitely something about these movies that you don’t get with most other types of movies.

K-Pop v BTS Suga – American Idol and American Music – What Does This Song Say?

JYP Entertainment and BTS, the K-pop group’s members are also promoting in another English language called American Music. Their album is called “ASTRUM” which is also being released in Europe. BTS SUGA’s home country is South Korea, where they have their own dance groups, idol groups and idols that are known as the hottest in the world. But of course, the focus of their song is actually for their fans in America to listen to them.bts | btsbt21store.com

So, this song that BTS SUGA is singing is a parody that they made on “American Idol” where they got to vote for the winner with the group’s signature costumes. This song is about them participating in an American Idol game. The song was released by the group member bts jin included and it’s now available for the public to listen. This song is famous and their fans are very excited for it. The song has been streamed over thousand of times and the listeners get to listen to the hot R&B beat. Their fans are really excited about it gives a new trend in American Music.

With this K-pop v BTS SUGA single, it’s pretty interesting to see the connection between American Idol and American music. It’s amazing how the two cultures will mix and merge together in the world of K-pop. I guess the only problem is what this song says about BTS’s fans in America.

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